Helping L Drivers

Why Do Private Practice?


Learner drivers have few accidents because they are always under supervision. But, once they pass their test, and can drive unsupervised, their chances of crashing increase dramatically, especially in their first year of driving.

New drivers are more likely to be involved in:

  • High speed crashes
  • Crashes caused by losing control of the vehicle
  • Crashes in the dark
  • Crashes when overtaking and negotiating bends.

Motor insurance premiums for young drivers are much higher than for other drivers, and can easily run into several thousand pounds a year. This is because they are more likely to make insurance claims than other drivers, and their claims are likely to be more expensive.

Learner driver

Insurance industry figures show that:

  • 17 to 20 year old male drivers are nearly ten times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads than more experienced drivers
  • They are also twice as likely to make an insurance claim than other drivers, and on average, their claims cost three times more

These risks and costs can be reduced by making sure that young drivers gain as much supervised driving experience (both professional lessons and private practice) as possible while they are learning.

Safer driving reduces risk, and is also much less expensive - lower vehicle costs, lower fuel costs and lower insurance costs.